Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just Do It Now

This last weekend I put on a retreat for 4 single adults. I called it the "Live your Best Life" Single's Retreat. It was awesome! I have been doing retreats for affluent families in a very specific process and setting for several years and have recently decided to branch out. This was my first try at it. I didn't know what to expect or if the participants would be happy with the outcome so I felt nervous and stressed about it. But when it came time to start, I knew just what to do. It felt really natural and I completely enjoyed sharing information, inspiration, ideas, education etc... with this group of people. I enjoyed teaching them and providing resources and tools for them to help them better their own lives, as well as sharing things I have been learning on my own journey. I also loved making the atmosphere and food and putting in the special touches to make it nurturing and special for them.
It was so cool to do what I love, to earn money doing it, and to push myself to go out on a limb and stretch my own limits personally and professionally.
What is something you have always wanted to do/become but were too afraid to actually make it happen? You might be amazed if you follow your heart, how it can open doors for you and others, in ways you could never have imagined. Come on-- just go for it! What do you have to loose?

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Timothy and Nicole said...

That is so great... I'd love to hear more about what you did. I hope you can set more of these sessions up because I am sure you're fantastic at it:)