Sunday, February 7, 2010

My "Risk"

I went shopping today and bought myself a new pair of jeans. The thing is, I went into a store I have not gone in for at least 10 years because I decided a long time ago I could not afford their jeans. I walked in the store and went right up to a really cute girl that worked in the store and I said, "I want you to find me the sexiest most flattering pair of pants. I DID NOT choose my pants by the price tag. I chose my pants by the ones that were flattering and attractive on my body. I chose the ones that I am excited to wear. I love them. I am excited about them. I also loved asking someone for help and enjoying the whole experience of "shopping" instead of viewing it as a burden and a stress and then feeling upset about how much things cost. It was liberating for me. When I saw my body in the mirror at the store I said thank you for it. I let the sales girl see my lumps and bumps and decided to feel beautiful WITH all my imperfections and not feel like I had to hide them and be ashamed about them. This was risky for me. It was mentally and emotionally risky. AND IT FELT GOOD.


ecuakim said...

I once bought a pair of jeans solely because I liked the commercial for them. It was the elevator one, do you remember it? Where the girl and boy are in the elevator and their future life together flashes before their eyes and it's all bliss until the baby screaming jolts them back into reality and they're both like, "hell, no we're not doing that" and part ways without even speaking. Anyway. I bought those jeans. And I loved them. And it felt powerful to pick a pair of jeans because I liked the commercial. And I STILL don't think that was silly! And you are worth every penny, babe.

Jen said...

I am working on losing some weight and when I am done I am going to need some new jeans. I am going to take your advice and buy a pair that feels good and looks good. I always buy the cheap pair and I never feel good about myself. Congrats on the new jeans!!!