Monday, February 15, 2010

Have you ever had a massage?

If you haven't you should get one. Don't say you can't afford it. Don't say you don't have time. Just find someone that charges reasonable prices and go get one. You are worth it.
We store things in our bodies. We deal with and process things THROUGH our bodies. And when we allow ourselves to be connected with the healing power of the human touch...we are telling ourselves we are important. We matter, It's ok to take good care of ourselves and be connected to our physical bodies in ways that teach us about ourselves.
Once when I got a massage, the therapist started working on my "wings"-- the shoulder blade area and I just started crying and didn't even know why. She told me that pain and tension in that area comes from carrying the weight of the world on yourself and feeling like life is a burden.
When she said it, I felt the truth of it. I did feel that way but was so disconnected from myself I really wasn't aware of it. It felt good to cry, let it out and then be aware of it so I could find ways to work on it. There are lots of resources on the web for connecting our physical problems with their underlying emotional causes.
Another example; Yeast problems. Used to be the plague of my life. The underlying emotional connection: Denying yourself of your own needs. Not supporting self. Oh yeah that was me. I was happy to do it for other people and wanted other people to do it for me, but had no idea how to do that for myself. The good news is everyday is fresh and I can start today!
If you still aren't convinced about getting a massage. I hope you will at least find some way to be more connected to your mind/body/spirit, and do something loving and nurturing for yourself.


Susan and Bryce said...

I am on it, sister. Maybe i'll get a massage tomorrow.

In the meantime...I'm gonna paint my nails and take a really long time getting them just right.

Steffanie Roldan said...

You are so right! I commend you for giving such a deep and essential analogy on massages. For me, massage is synonymous to relaxation – physical, emotional, and psychological. Oh, nothing beats the calmness it induces. :’>

- Steffanie Roldan