Friday, December 16, 2011


After a long and unexplained absence, which I choose not to go into, and without further adieu, this blog is officially back in action....for now.
Ezra and I left Boise Idaho for LA about two weeks ago at the beginning of December. We spent three action packed days with some awesome friends who made it pretty damn seamless and stress free, so we could get expedited passports. That's right folks. My passport had not been used for FAR to long, and the fact that Ezra didn't even have one yet, is a shame in my book. BUT within two days we both had our passports and we were on our on a new adventure. Thanks Mike and Michell, Jamie Boots Wilson and Charu and Martin for your support along that leg of the journey. Seriously, Mike picked us up at the airport, took us out for California famous In and Out Burgers, brought us home to his lovely family, let us stay there. GAVE me his GPS equipped car the next day so I easily made it to the passport office and was even able to go and have lunch with Martin and Charu... some of my beautiful friends from Eden Unplugged. Not kidding. What a great guy. Then my sweet, hilarious friend Jamie came and picked us up and kept us for a night and a day. She drove us all over, hooked us up with a lovely stay near the beach, took us to the beach, took us to Santa Monica, helped me shop (which I HATE) for a few cold climate clothing items and delivered us back to Mike and Michelle.
I won't tell you all the details about what precluded this adventure...some amazing and beautiful and some heartrending, soul wrenching, gut stomping. But I will say, it was a decision not made lightly or easily, despite how smoothly it has unfolded. I even had some amazing friends that donated money to me so we could afford our passports. My heart is full.
Anyway, Mike delivered us to the airport by 8:00am and we spent the day making our way through Canadian customs, airports, flights, layovers and landed in Montreal at just about midnight. We were picked up by the lovely and soulful Tera Warner (see and her two fantastic kids Mika and Sebastian.
We have spent the last two weeks in their mountain home in Morin Heights, about an hour outside Montreal. The home we live in is beautiful. Right on a snowy icy lake in a quaint little mountain town. Tera runs several very successful internet businesses, is a single mom, and homeschools her kids. Needless to say, she was ready for me to roll up my sleeves, jump in and help in any way I could. I have done endless loads of laundry, juicing, composting, food preparation, petcare, helping her purchase her first car, cleaning, driving back and forth to Montreal, entertaining and disciplining kids, packing lunches, monitoring school work and computer time etc...whatever looked like it needed to be done, I was doing it. We have gotten to go into Montreal nearly everyday for one thing or another and I and proud to say I have done a freaking awesome job finding my way around a huge metropolitan french city. I have driven everywhere imaginable, just letting myself (and three kids) get lost and then find our way again. I got one fatty parking ticket for accidentally parking in a public transit lane when I took the kids to the Grande Bibliotheque, OOPS! And I've turned down one or two one way streets going the wrong way, but thankfully can report that all major crises have so far been averted.
Montreal is a huge, beautiful, artsy, bustling city. It is like NYC but classier, cleaner, friendlier and with a more European feel, oh yeah...and everything is in french (which partially explains how I didn't realize I parked in a public transit lane).
Tera has asked me to stay until the spring. I agreed and we decided Ezra and I needed our own place in the city. So along with all the above mentioned things I was doing. I also managed to find us a place to sublet for the next three months! I looked at multiple places until I found the one that was just right for us. It is in the plateau district, which is supposedly the best part of town to live in, if you are a creative. Which I finally realized in this life, I can claim!
So, we are subletting from an artist/yoga teacher that is going to Costa Rica for the winter...and she also happens to be a new EFT practitioner :). I will post pictures of this funky cool place we will be living as soon as we get settled in and write again soon about our adventures in Canadaland!