Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Do you have a gratitude journal? I started one at the behest of Simple Abundance Author Sarah Ban Breathnach. I write in it every night as part of my nighttime routine. Here is an entry from February 13th.
1. Slumber party with my sister and nieces
2. Kodiak Cakes in my new waffle maker
3.Gary Ryan Blair's 100 day challenge and his call to honor and integrity
4. That I am brave
5. Thriving Now website grounding exercises
6. My purple tulips in my orange fiesta pitcher
7. Dad taking the kids for a walk today so I could have quiet time hanging with Heather
8. Quiet time in the house for napping
9. Weleda Calendula Bath products at wholesale prices!
10. That I am learning to be a prosperous spender :) (see free e book download of Attract Money Now by Joe Vitale)

I bought a really beautifully crafted little book to use for my gratitude journal. I really do it everyday and I am so happy that I am making this part of my daily life. If you don't have one already, go buy a pretty notebook that you really like and start writing about what you are greatful for. It will change your life! I promise.

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