Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Seeds and Opportunities

Today the seeds I realized I was planting were ones of choosing things that bring me joy and happiness, and choosing to listen to my inner voice. It really is a choice. I went to Lowe's today to buy a few spring flower bulbs to learn how to force the bulbs to bloom in pots indoors.
I also chose a new paint color to paint the chairs in my coaching studio. I usually have a really hard time choosing and committing to colors, or choosing and committing in general. So today I decided to see what my little inner voice might have to say. I sat in my coaching studio and just quietly took it all in. Then I went to Lowe's and stood in front of the paint colors until I saw a few that I pulled out. When I picked one particular color up I heard the voice in my head say-- this is the one! I doubted myself. Will I really like it? Is there a better color? Of ALL these beautiful colors is this really the one? I heard myself say again in my mind, You are going to love this color! Just buy it. So I did. No long deliberation. No agonizing. I just did it. And guess what? I do love it! So that was the seed I planted: the art of getting still and quiet, and the practice of listening to and trusting myself. (You can see the color I chose on the walls in that picture up there- sailor blue)
I also literally planted some seeds too! Wish me luck in my newest venture. I have never tried to make anything grow from a seed like this inside my house before.
And as for the obstacle that became the opportunity today? I emailed a mentor/coach I have been working with and asked them for some input on how to begin a new business venture. The response was that they would love to help me but I would have to pay them a lot of money I don't yet have in order to get the information. Instead of feeling rejected, overwhelmed and discouraged, I asked myself; how could this be a hidden opportunity for me? The answer came, google the thing you want to know more about and see what you can find on the internet. I found all kinds of cost free and low cost ways to learn about the information I need. I even found a few other potential resources for guiding me in this venture that I would not have ever found had I not gone into that search. How cool is that???

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