Monday, February 4, 2008

We interrupt this broadcast from the past... bring you exciting news and visual representation of the present-- most of you know I am pregnant but not everybody does so if you didn't, now you do!
Everybody wants pictures-- so here is one i tried to take of me and my beautiful belly :)
I am about 20 weeks right now give or take, due
the end of june or the beginning of july
. I have heard the baby's heartbeat twice now! I cried the first time. :)
We decided not to find out if its a boy or girl but i call him/her ezra-- because that's who I think he/she is... :)


2 little girls said...

YAY for belly shots!!! (and all the rest of it.) It's fun to remember the long, long road leading to Wimberly.


Kevin and Amanda said...

You look great!

Andrew said...

You look great. And I love the name Ezra...almost made me tear up....Congrats!

SharonB said...

Reb! I miss you so much! You are such a pregnant girl! I'm so excited to watch the progress of your cabin!

SharonB said...

I meant to write such a "cute" pregnant girl. I'm a dork:)