Saturday, February 9, 2008

Pilgrims Progress

Our first adventure in the rain came shortly after the chiggers. The second weekend when I returned home from working in Austin it rained all weekend. It was also very humid. At one point water was flowing so steady through the land that it actually flowed through our tent-- good thing I bought the army surplus cots to keep us up off the ground. But that didn't do much for the rain that was actually dripping through the rain mac and the tent. I was so sticky and wet-- even my sleeping bag was wet. Between that and the itchiness of my week old chiggers, and my period, I was really feeling pretty oppressed. I told Murv-- This is not fun...
I have to admit that by the second night of this i laid in the tent in the dark, rain drops falling on me intermittently, and cried. I told murv not to worry--that i would get past it, but that i just needed to cry.
he said, " you know, at times like this i think of all the people in the world who have no home, and people like the pioneers, and it makes me feel good that I get to experience these trials along with them-- especially because a lot of them didn't have a choice and we do. It makes me feel stronger." It was kind of amazing how in the challenge of the moment, i really did feel grateful and blessed and connected to humanity in a stronger way than ever before.
Little did we know this first weekend of rain was just a foreshadowing of what was to come... We did have a few more weeks of sun and like I said while I was gone Murv got a lot done so that by the time I returned from travelling-- this is what I came home to...

It was very sweet to come home and upgrade from the tent to the cabin. i cried when i looked in the front door becasue murv had set up our bed, dresser, lounge chair, rugs and even a big palm houseplant-- OSB and all it-- it was still a home! finally a home of our own! sort of:)
i immediately set to work creating my bathroom and outdoor kitchen spaces. I set the kitchen tent up in the park...
and worked VERY hard to clear this trail and level the ground to set up my outdoor solar shower. I laid the bark and gathered all the rocks to line the path-- my first path on the land-- I was very proud!

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