Tuesday, February 5, 2008

February 2007, On the road again

Our plan for exiting north carolina included a stop in houston to see my aunt tina and her family, and a stop in a small town called wimberley texas. I just so happened to have a colleague from The Heritage Institute, outside of Austin Texas. Since he and I had been planning a family retreat with some clients in Austin, I thought it would be nice to stop and check out austin (always heard great things about austin) and meet in person with a fmaily we were planning to do a retreat with in Austin in march or april. So we set out for texas-- Houston being our first official stop. We had a great time visiting Tina and Alan and the kids-- we went bowling and played games and ate food with average kids that didn't bite, kick, yell, scream or try to steal anything. It was a breath of fresh air!

With a few minor hitches (losing the key to our moving van in Houston while visiting Tina, and having to get a new one remade, we set off for our next stop-- Austin-- since we got such a late start and I had an appointment with Frank early the next morning (my THI colleague) he and his wife maria were kind and generous enough to invite us to stay the night at their home in Wimberley and carpool to Austin the next morning. Being a little behind schedule we didn't pull into Wimberley till about midnight on february 14th of 2007. When I left in the morning with Frank, I half-jokingly sadi to my very creative, resourceful husband, "Go find us a reason to stay here while I am in Austin today!"
The appointment with Frank and our clients went really really well and reminded me of doign work I can feel passionate about and getting paid well for it. The clients said as I was leaving, "we wish you lived around here so we could work with you in person on a more regular basis." The whole drive back from Austin I kept thinking-- " I wish we could stay here, I love it here. I wish I could talk Murv into staying here..."
But i didn't even have to try because when we got to the Wimberley Cafe on the square and sat down with murv he had the look of a man in awe-- totally dazed. He said "you are never going to believe this rebecca, but I found us a place to live-- you are going to love it. I think we are supposed to stay here."

He had run into a lady in town who was having car trouble and he stopped to help her. Once they got talking it turned out she had an old church which she had had moved from San Antonio to Wimberely and had it placed on some property right by the river. She had been restoring it for about a year or so and was in need of someone to work on it-- she wanted to trade restoration work for rent.

Happy Valentines day to us! We went from homeless to a beautiful place on the river in a small town just ouside of austin, with work for both of us within 7 days of having NO IDEA what we were going to do.
About three days later, after a lot of praying and talking all night-- we went and put all our stuff in a storage unit.
Thus we really and truly put our stake in the ground, even though we had no idea what we were actually in for...

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