Monday, February 11, 2008

A Big Boost

In late September my friend michelle (great friend from when I was a missionary in san diego) called and said she was going to come visit us and help us work on our cabin! Considering how worn out we were, it was a breath of fresh air! Hooray for Michelle!!!-- she gave us just the shot in the arm that we needed. She was literally an answer to our prayers and thankfully we had good weather the entire time she was here! She had to put up with the two of us and our bickering-- but overall we all had a great time and we got the lathe up on the house in preparation for plastering it.

Michelle is a hard worker!

Ready for plaster!

Chillin at her going away BBQ on her last night with us

and some of our favorite wimberley friends

MMMMM. Foil Dinners.

Also at this time a new addition came to our family-- a black lab puppy-- she had no name for about three weeks until she finally told me her name was boo. And boy am I totally in love with her. Her personality is mild and sweet and obedient (unless food is involved)-- just like my family dog Widgeon that we grew up with only black instead of yellow. Opposite of Dru's hyper, willful personality. I say Boo takes after me and Dru takes after Murv! :)

Cutest Baby Boo

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delore said...

Dearest Reb,

I finally read through your entire blog from the beginning and for a bit I forgot I was reading about my friends and felt like I was reading a wild adventure novel that I coudn't put down. I can't wait for the next chapter. Baby Ezra (or whoever he/she will be) is in for some fun.

Love, Milo