Thursday, March 25, 2010


We should interpret all behavior in one of two ways:
1) as love
2) as a call for love

from A Course in Miracles
as quoted by Marianne Williamson in Everyday Grace

I am thinking about this. It is actually requiring me to think pretty deeply.
I have gotten some understanding of it when I am in my quietest moments, separated from my ego and connected to something much higher-- because my ego mind can easily think of lots of scenarios that it does not want to believe fit in either of these two categories.

How can I think of the guy who flips me off in traffic as someone who is acting in love, or asking for love?

The truth is, unless I am looking at him with spiritual eyes, I can't.
But when I am connected to my source-- I can almost see him flashing through my mind at 3 or 5 or17 or 22. I can all of the sudden see and know that he has been through some stuff. Things that may have hardened him in some ways. Things that made him feel protective of himself-- even to the point of violence maybe. I can also see him in kinder moments, maybe when he stopped to let someone cross in front of him, or picked up a child and held them, or pulled a sliver out of their finger.
And then almost in the same instant I can see me, yelling at someone, or being the "flipper offer." And then me, yielding to the need of someone else.
Then I can again appreciate that I am both. I am him and he is me. We are one. We are the grace and the shadow side of the grace all at once. He and I.

and so I return to a prayer that I once learned.

God, please forgive me for judging others for sinning differently than (or the same as) I do.

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