Thursday, March 18, 2010

AGAIN, luck is a state of mind

Lucky people create, notice and act upon the chance opportunities in their lives.
Being in the right place at the right time is all about being in the right state of mind."
Dr. Richard Wiseman

It bears repeating.
I know I talked about this just recently. But, I think it's important enough to do it again.

How do we get in the right state of mind? Part of it is about being aware of our thoughts and feelings. Bringing awareness to what is going on inside us. What our subconscious and our conscious mind are focused on. Our body is so willing to give us clues to those things. Our daily activities and an awareness of what is flowing in and out of our lives and what is stuck. All of it try's to show us and tell us.
We are totally responsible for everything that is happening in our lives. That may sound controversial. Say it out loud and see how it feels.

"I am totally responsible for everything that is happening in my life."

Even the things we don't like-- we have attracted and created so that we could experience the contrast and figure out how to learn the lesson from it.
That may be hard to believe. But sit with it for awhile. Consider the possibility that it could be true.

Our soul knows our dreams and our true potential. What we are here on this planet to do and be. And it attracts like a magnet, everything we need to move ourselves toward our highest good and the highest good of everyone else.

The hitch though, is that until we realize this, and learn how to work with ourselves instead of against ourselves, we don't know how to use the amazing powers and abilities that we have to live at our highest potential.

It is my vision to inspire and empower as many people as possible, starting with women-- who are the core nurturers of the world, with knowledge and information in this arena, so that they can live in peace, happiness and joy, at their highest potential.

The following are ways you get started right away if you want to go on this journey to find your authentic self and live your highest potential:

Eliminating fear and limiting beliefs through my favorite technique, EFT.
Focusing on Strong Moments.
Journaling or writing in a Daily Dialogue consistently.
Having a Gratitude Journal.
Stretching and doing physical activities like swimming, yoga, running, dancing.
Learning Body Talk or Body Dialogue.
Going on Creative Excursions.


If you want to know your thoughts, feelings and beliefs...YOU MUST TAKE TIME TO LISTEN. You must take time to really get to know yourself and nurture your inner child as tenderly as you would your own child or someone you love deeply.

Think of a person in your life-- whom you would do ANYTHING for. Someone you love so deeply you would literally give your life for them. Why do you love them so? It's probably because somehow they have directed this same kind of love toward you. Somehow you know and feel that they see the highest good in you. They expect it from you and they honor it about you.

Now imagine this person is coming to visit (unless it's one of your own kids and they already live at home, in which case just imagine that they are about to be born). In either scenario, you are washing the sheets, folding linens for them, making sure you have just the right food. Maybe a special dessert or their favorite meal. You are cleaning the house. You are spraying your favorite linen water on their pillow. When they arrive you embrace them. You are making sure everything is just right for them. You want them to feel special. You want them to enjoy their stay with you. You might even set out a magazine and some towels and special soap for them. You might vacuum and clean in places you normally don't. You want everything just right.


Imagine if you took care of yourself with this same kind of love and tenderness each and everyday. It might not always be about the perfect meal, though sometimes it might be just that. How are you nurturing and caring for yourself each day?

I challenge you to start taking one new step in that direction today.
Close your eyes- and ask yourself--and then be quiet and listen until you get an answer. "What is one thing that I can do to take good care of myself today?"
(Do you have limiting beliefs or feelings that come up to stop you from taking care of yourself. Do you believe that it is selfish to take care of yourself? Have you watched your role models or absorbed societal messages that tell you to martyr yourself? If so you will resist selfcare and sabotage it. Look for clues in your life to show you your beliefs about this topic.)

Ok. Now make a commitment to do it and follow through--even if you don't feel comfortable doing it or don't think you can justify it.

This is not about being selfish and self-centered. If you don't take care of yourself who else will? And how will you be able to take really good care of others, and teach them how to do that for themselves-- if you can't/won't do it for yourself?

I love you.
Now go do it!
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