Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We made it back home.

I LOVE These faces.
We are back home. Ezra could not be happier to have returned to the land and life he knows. He was ecstatic. He loved New York. He loved the subways and buses and diesels trucks. He loved the hum and bustle. He waved at everyone, made lots of new friends. Inspired me in his openness and wonder. And was happy to return home to his own bed.

I experienced things that will change my life forever. I am trying to think about how I can share them.
For now
please...watch this video. Please.


ecuakim said...

Oh my gosh, cutest pictures on the planet!!! I laughed out loud when I saw his little scrunched up nose. Absolutely darling. So glad you had a good trip. Love you.

{z} said...

I love these pictures...he kind of reminds me of Ryan! He looks so grown up.

Laura Kiley said...

Your extraordinary!! Look frward to creating amazing possibilities!!
Much Love...Laura

Lauriel said...

He is adorable!