Friday, April 25, 2008


I made dinner AT my house-- on my little two burner propane stove with my yummy food...(now I just need the fridge for the leftovers...) Since I am really trying to learn how to prepare foods in their season, and use what is available, I decided to experiment with all the stuff I got this week-- I steamed 1 sweet potato, 1 beet, and 1 yellow potato with thyme, ginger, spike, sea salt, pepper and at the end I threw in the beet greens, some tangy pickled relish that my friend celena canned and chopped fresh cilantro-- I served it over brown basmati rice and added fresh avocado on top (the perfect touch)... It was delicious! Murv even loved it-- and he is always complaining that his stomach hurts after he eats-- he said his stomach felt great...hooray... I love cooking at home :)

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