Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Back in Texas

Well-- I got brave enough to come back home to Texas. So far the weather has been really nice-- I am accepting the humidity and trying to enjoy it, since the beautiful flowers and green come a long with it-- it makes it easier... I did get a bunch of mosquito bites on my ankles the other night-- which are already swollen enough. I am trying to adjust back to the lifestyle here. It's going pretty well. I'd say my spirits are pretty high, in spite of things not being the way I would really like them at our cabin. We still have no power. Murv's brother was going to send us an inverter but that never happened-- so, no power and no bathroom...still...But the dogs are healthy and safe and sound, and Murv is still Murv. He had a little boy and his tutor come over for a padobe making workshop and it was really fun to show the kid about recycled paper and padobe making. We also made some test tiles and put bright colors of tumbled crushed glass in them. We are going to see if we can use them to tile the floor in our cabin. So far they look pretty good but they aren't dry enough to figure out yet.
Sifting the sand out of the crushed glass (yes that was the condition of Murvs hair after 6 weeks)

buried in paper
smoothing out the bricks

Another exciting thing is that our little food buyers coop- The Bountiful Sprout did a test run order with a produce outfit in Austin. Even though I am not officially on the board, I got to be there to help divide up the order. I left with a box full of fresh, beautiful organic beets, sweet potatoes, potatoes, asparagus, cilantro, bananas, pink lady apples, grapefruit and avocados. All for about $21.00! It was a bit confusing dividing the food out but all in all it was a very exciting first run! Now I just need a refrigerator so all my yummy healthy food does not go bad, and I can keep getting more!
Jamie and Evan unloading the goods!


P.S. Murv did get a haircut thankfully


Lindsay & Casey said...

Can I come for dinner?? That food looks D-LISH! Better yet...why don't you bring your food over to my can use my fridge;)

2 little girls said...

Yes!!! That is soooooo cool. The haircut, and the produce. Your first run and I'm super envious. I must get on figuring out how to get one going. Though the farmer's market is starting next weekend, soI'll soon be buying from there. And maybe selling something too. Not next week, but maybe soon.

love your guts.

ecuakim said...

Just wanted to tell you that I've started buying from a coop here in AZ and it is FANTASIC! It's $15 every 2 weeks and the food is GREAT. Plus, there's always something different to try. What I love is that I can pay for it online and then all I have to do is pick it all up. Very cool. Here's the link in case you want to see how they do it: