Monday, April 14, 2008

Home again Home again...

This one goes out to my cousin Jared for reminding me that I haven't posted for way too long...

So about 6 weeks ago I ran away from home (with the generous help of my dad). I just had to get away for awhile...and it has been sooooo nice. I have had such a good time with my family and I got to stay long enough to be able to actually spend some good quality time with each person and each little person (I even got to see Lindsay and Eli and my mom but forgot to take some pictures-- oops-- hormonal interference). All the sisters, baby and little kid time has been good preparation. I also enjoyed working at my dads office and even got to go to Utah for a few days and see some friends and family there. I will be really sad to leave everybody-- they have been such an awesome support to me! And I will also miss the running water and fridge too.

Here are some pictures of my trip home:

A super fun sunday afternoon picnic with Dad, Heather, Phil and the girls near the Owyhee mountains at Swan Falls--

about 30 weeks
My favorite sister in law Mary! We are 2 weeks apart -- we enjoyed being swollen and uncomfortable together!
Rebecca, Amelia, Hadley, Cash, and the baby bean
These kids are soo cute-- we were missin' ya little Eli
Ryan, Reb (and the bean), Dad and Heather (We were missin' ya Lindsay)

Me and Tammi resting our tired eyes
Happy First Birthday Amelia Joy! Don't you just want to eat her?Mermaid Princess Hadley Grace

Cash Ezra-- the super happy kid-- I miss them already


2 little girls said...

And we are going to MISS. YOU.

ecuakim said...

Fun pics Reb! I cannot believe how big Hadley is! Amazing how the time doth fly! You look GREAT and happy. Hope you feel good too. Pregnancy can be such a bear. love you.

Lindsay & Casey said...

oh man...those are adorable pictures. I'm sad you had to go...for some reason Texas seems so much further than Boise....strange I know.