Thursday, August 21, 2008

What I love about Idaho

Hadley and Huge old fashioned twist cones from the Hungry Onion which still does carside service and has been around since my dad was a kid!

Beautiful sprawling fields of wildflowers like these sunflowers

Reggies Veggies roadside stand chock full of local fruits and vegetables!


ecuakim said...

Uh, seriously, if I see one more picture of VEGETABLES before you post more pictures of that DARLING baby--You are gonna be in trouble Rebecca!!!!!!!!! I love you and I'm glad you're having fun in Idaho. But I WANNA SEE THE BABY!

Jen said...

Sometimes I get so homesick for Idaho. The sunfowers are so pretty. They cheered me up for the day!

Ryan & Martha said...

Rebecca...I love you blog! Glad I found it. I can't believe I grew up here and didn't know about the Hungry Onion until about 3 years ago. It's now a favorite of ours!!!