Friday, August 22, 2008

Candid shots of Ez for Kim

I am working on a blog just for Ezra but in the mean time-- here are some recent pixies of my boy (and his awesome hair)!
Huh? Uh-Oh busted flirting with that older woman-- oh yeah she's my cousin...dang
It's hard to catch him mid-smile but this is the end of a big one! Man I love his smile and his natural mohawk, and his loooong eyelashes!He loves to suck his two middle fingers. Maybe he's saying I love you :)

Sweet Boy. I love you too.


ecuakim said...

YEA!!!!! Oh Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I LOVE BABY PICTURES!!! Oh, Rebecca, he's so DARLING! Thanks for sharing; it was totally worth the wait. Love you all, Kim

Susan said...

oh my....he is perfect. I just love this boy. need to see him.

thank you for the pics...