Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Favorite Things

I went swimming!!!!
One of my favorite things in the whole world is swimming. And it's been a long time sice i've had a chance to just swim and it felt so very good! I LOVE it. I would swim every single day if I could.

My sister Heather and I decided to be very brave (or stupid) and accompany our dad to Oregon WITH our kids! While an infant, toddler and high maintenance 6 year old don't make travelling quite like I am used to-- It's all good...part of the initiation into motherhood-- it makes travelling different but its still great. Anyway the drive through the pacific northwest was absolutley beautiful and Papa J has been incredibly helpful AND very patient with all our stuff and our kids (Much more patient than I remember him as a kid--way to go dad :)) . We spent last night in Portland then headed out to the coast where we will be for a few days. We are staying in a quaint little town called Yachats. We have already enjoyed clam chowder and fish and chips (mmm...my favorite). I am so excited to be here-- I have always felt that the pacific northwest is home in my heart and I am really enjoying showing my son around.

This is a great little campground where we stopped for lunch and a kid break on our drive down

(photos include Heather, Hadley(in the background), Amelia, Papa J and Ezra Jubal)


Lauriel said...

You are all so close! You should just come up and visit!

Parker and Vanessa said...

Ezra is getting big! I'd like to meet the kid. I'm glad that you are back (in the north west). If you are planning a trip to Utah, CALL ME! We'd love to see you.

ecuakim said...

Oh Rebbi, he's so stinking cute! And your dad is great! Tell him thanks again for being so sweet to come see me at the airport. Love you all.

Susan said...

I love the stories.

Will your Dad adopt me?

He's amazing.

Glad you are in the water where you belong.


Lindsay and Casey said...

I'm so jealous...I know I shouldn't be BUT I am!

PS. Ez is HUGE!I can't wait to hold that little sucker!

Ryan & Mary said...

You're brave! It looks like you all had a good time. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself!