Thursday, July 3, 2008


Ezra got to leave the NICU! He was able to be slowly weaned from the oxygen, his lungs are miraculously clear and he finished all his antibiotics and passed all his tests and screens-- and they finally cut him loose. We spent one night with him at the hospital in a parents "room in" so that we could have back up support through his first night unhooked. He did great! It felt so good to have him close and not have anybody (except murv) telling me what I could and couldn't do with him. I finally took a deep breath and was able to relax. We are now at my aunt Tina's house in Houston with my mom and Ezra is adjusting very well to life on the outside. He is changing everyday! Yesterday we gave him his first bath and he and I are just working away at the feeding/eating thing and I am very grateful for my mom and my aunt's expertise-- this whole feeding thing is not as easy as it looks. Thankfully Ez is a sleeper-- he sleeps about 4 hours at a time so I get to rest a little too--at least for now... :)
Thanks Dad and Lindsay and Eli for coming to help-- we could not have made it through that first week without you!


Holli said...

Oh, is he ever darling! I'm thrilled he's unhooked and adjust to life on the outside so well. Millions of congratulations and blessings. May this new chapter of your life be full of laughter, squeals of delight, and a little bit of sleep :)


ecuakim said...

Oh, I'm so glad he's doing well!!! Thanks for the update. Keep at the nursing...I promise it gets better!!! Just takes more patience than you would think...well, just about everything associated with motherhood takes a bit more patience than you think! It's such a wonderful blessing. Take care! Love you!

Anonymous said...

There is NO. Way. I can wait until August to hold that little pumpkin. Freaking heck he's beautiful.

Call me when you feel like talking.

Love you both!!

mamabear said...

Holy Cow!! HE is sooo cute. I am glad he is doing better and that things have settled down. It's too bad you can't come to the family reunion so we can meet him in person :( YOu do have the best team on the planet to help you, great Mom's! Have fun. Congrats again, Karen

Lindsay & Casey said...

wow...I finally got to see him. A whole week of being there and I didn't even get to see what he looks like. He's so cute! Give him a hug and kiss from me and e.....and case;)

Susan said... are amazing.

Ezra is absolutely enchanting. I am in love.

I cannot wait to hold him and kiss him.

WHEN will you be coming to boise?

Susan said...

Ebecra and Murvy,

My first night with Oliver was not with Susan as you know. If it wasn't for the help, love, and guidance of my mom none of us would have made it. It is comfort to know that you see the "work"? it takes to care for the little ones.

You are so real and you see things that I notice (Breastfeeding, even though I didn't do it, is an enormous challenge, to say it extremely mildly. Lactation nurses, yikes!)

Love I you E-to the-Z with the JUB and those looking in on him


SharonB said...

congratulations ezra! So glad he is doing well. He is so beautiful!

Mel said...
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Mel said...

I'm so happy that Ezra is doing so well!

I can't wait to meet him. And to see you two, of course!

We hope to be in Austin for a few months starting in January. Wouldn't that be so cool? Sweet.

Timothy and Nicole said...

Rebecca- It's your old fridnd Nicole from USU. Any who you have a sweet new baby. COngragulations! I am kind of a stalker I saw your blog on I think Vanessas. My blog is blocked but if you send me an email I'll invite you Hope all is going well it's fun to read about what's going on in your life.