Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hold You

Ezra "Jube" (as murv calls him) is doing much much better! He is down to 22% oxygen, eating from a bottle, pooping plenty, burping loud and has a nice loud cry. I finally got to hold him! And I got to start trying to nurse him this afternoon. (Notice Murv's reading material :) They scalped one side of his head! My little indian brave...
He is so perfect :)


Holli said...

Oh goodness! He's so sweet and you look very happy holding him. It's great to read he's getting stronger every day. I've been thinking about you two.

Blessings and Love,

ecuakim said...

Thank you so much for posting! I've been on pins and needles thinking about Ezra. He's so darling. And you look FANTASTIC! I hope you are recovering and feeling well. How is the nursing going? I loved it, but it was a little tricky for us at first. It is a truly incredible thing, though, once it all clicks.

Lindsay & Casey said...

He really is perfect. I'm so happy you finally got to hold him!

Heather said...

Yay~~I love his little scalped head. And he looks so much smaller in your arms than he did in the pictures before!! We're thinking about you lots!!

Ryan & Mary said...

Reb you and the baby look beautiful! You need to get some pictures of all of you up there too... Congratulations again!

Mel said...

Wow, Ezra is looking good! Congrats on all his progress! Jason and I have you guys in our thoughts and are so happy for you!

Murv said...

Imagine a place
Just this side
of your Heart
Where the incredible
walks hand in hand
with minute details
for centuries
and then
in an instant
your there
you were somewhere else