Friday, July 18, 2008

Yes Again...

Are you kidding me? How is it possible to be that stinkin' cute? Don't you just want to eat them all?
Thanks for the warm welcome cousins!
Ezra and I are back in Idaho...Murv is still in Texas. We will be here for...awhile...don't knowhow long...but at least until he doesn't get heatstroke from being outside or inside at our house in Texas...Since the cabin is not done and there is still no running water and bathroom and it's 110 plus super high humidity and there is no air conditioning-- I decided the baby and I could use a little refuge from the extreme living conditions!


mamabear said...

He is sooo cute, can't wait to see him, hint hint, we would love you to come to the reunion!!
Love, Aunt Karen

Murv said...

That baby looks just like the one I had in Texas awhile back. It happened real fast so I dont remember much...kind of ablur, but those eyes look real familiar.