Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy/Sad again...

Wednesday was the day. Diesel hit its all time high jumping from $4.29 to $4.45 overnight in our town...

And it just so happened to fall on the last day of our lease-- so with joy ( and a little sadness) we put a 5 dollar bill into the tank, which got us almost exactly enough fuel to drive it about twenty miles and drop the Jeep off at the nearest dealership. It was a little ironic to feel the liberation of letting "Liberty" go. We will miss her gutsy little diesel engine, her tow package and the AC-- she took us all over this country and without her we would not have been able to do all the things we have done on our cabin or our land

BUT We are downsizing to a 1971 Honda 600-- (40-50 MPG!) And she is cute to boot. Murv is in the process of now of getting her running.

Its a little scary and challenging to not be able to pull the trailer anymore and have all that space and power, but we are taking our stand. We are currently talking with neighbors and friends about some kind of "community truck" we all pitch in for and have access to-- to be able to get materials and supplies and haul stuff...(Murv says he is going to sue exxon for disrupting his quality of life-- he thinks he has a pretty good case-- the next erin brockovitch story).
I honestly don't know how our country can keep going this way...While diesel is horrible, gas is not much better...they say gas should hit $4.00 by next month! People, how are we going to be able to continue driving to work and school? How are all the trucks going to be able to continue to afford to drag all the crap we want to buy at walmart and target back and forth across the country? I mean seriously? Somethings gotta give.


Lauriel said...

The cheap gas topped $4 and is $4.05 as of this weekend. Luckily we have little cars. No road trip this summer!

SharonB said...

I think the gas prices are a good opportunity for personal reflection on resource usage. I've tried (though I'm no saint) to limit the number of seperate trips I take, shop closer to home etc. etc. and use the bike when i can. I am lucky to drive an old toyota corolla! Love your little yellow car!

Susan said...

Good bye, little liberty.

I don't even want to think about gas prices. Everytime I stress about gas I try to think of how lucky we are to have food. Who cares about gas, right? :)


I miss you and your belly.

It's a boy.

love you.