Friday, May 9, 2008

good things

i like to be inspired.
A few months ago my sister heather posted a movie called once on her blog. i watched it and i thought it was brilliant.

then i heard the two stars of the film hooked up in real life and are now called "the swell season"

I looked them up and found out they won an oscar, and now they are on tour making music all over the world. i have been listening to them online while I am at the library everyday. i have to admit i keep playing the song 'falling slowly'-- over and over and over again...don't know why but i love this song....can't get enough of it.

and this inspired me...
another thing that inspires me:

murv is following his dreams: he is brave and creative... i love watching him when he is in "the flow"...the other day i came outside and saw him out in the field in his overalls collecting wild flowers and pressing them into some of the leftover scrap from his padobe making venture-- beautiful...which by the way he made 75 padobes last weekend!
and the final inspiration shot:
my first bare belly shot--which is brave for me :)
that belly and that body are making a life...there is another person in there!
that is pretty amazing...


Lindsay & Casey said...

you inspire truly do. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

You Are Beautiful!!! I love you and your belly person. Murb...the wildflower padobes are beautiful and very happy.

Holli said...

Rebecca - you look gorgeous, glowing and so very happy. Congratulations!