Sunday, September 21, 2008


This month I turned 31 and Ezra turned 3 months old! I have been busy canning and cooking and working and taking care of my favorite little boy on the planet.

The days pass quickly and I find myself staring at other people's blogs and my emails and trying to muster up the energy to write on my blog and Ezra's blog...

The mail man babysat her girls so Heather and I could go to Art in the Park for my birthday!Then my dad and Ryan and Mary took me out for Sushi!Ezra had his baby blessing given to him by my dad and my brother Ryan. My mom got to be there too I love my boy!

Marley Jane is just 11 days younger than Ezra and they had their belssings on the same day! My mom also helped me and Heather with some of our many canning and food preservation ventures (Heather is even more prolific than I and she inspires me to keep at it!)
Dill pickles and plums
Bread and Butter Pickles
Corn which we went and picked ourselves and then processed for freezingPeaches and Peach Sauce for Ezra
HUGE Beefstake tomatoes from my dads garden for yummy fresh salsa

Eating breakfast at Honkers in downtown Nampa before hitting the farmers market!

We are staying busy and having lots of good times with our family.


Murv said...

Looks like your doing a wonderful job as mother and homemaker canning girl..I especially like the shot of the corn tassles, and the two in a sling youve got a nice sling

Parker and Vanessa said...

Happy Birthday!! It sounds like a great time. Ezra is getting big. Good update!

Lauriel said...

You guys look happy! I saw on Ezra's blog that you got a job...where are you working now? I am so jealous of all your canning!

mamabear said...

Good job girls!!! Wow i would never attempt all that, especially with a baby. You guys are great moms!
Aunt Karen

ecuakim said...

Holy cow! You amaze me Rebecca. You inspire me. So, I'm having Utah peaches delivered tomorrow and my friend and I are making jam! I'm VERY proud of myself, though I doubt I'll ever be as ambitious as you are, m'dear. Ezra is adorable and I love all the pictures of the two of you. Very sweet.

Ryan & Mary said...

You just look beautiful! I love all the pictures. You've been a busy mamma.

Timothy and Nicole said...

You are amazing...canning wow I am impressed. Ezra is getting big he's so cute. It's fun to see him grow. Who do you guys think he looks like?